It takes a certain type of personality to master the world of sales. The fast-paced, cutthroat, unrelenting nature of the industry is enough to leave most people begging for a position in just about any other

Ways to Improve Your Cars Fuel Economy

Who doesn’t want better fuel economy? These few simple tips and tricks will boost your mileage, raise your fuel economy, and save you money. Keep your tires properly inflated. Underinflated tires can increase wear and decrease

What Does CRM Success Look Like

Business is all about the numbers. Do you have enough customers? Are you making enough sales? Is your profit margin appropriate? Most importantly, are you making enough profit to justify continuing to operate the business? Like

Sales person using the phone

Some people are just never satisfied, and your job as a car salesperson is to do just the opposite. When the customer becomes difficult, it is easy as a salesperson to become frustrated and weak in

What Does CRM Success Look Like

CarDog Independent Car Dealership CRM is packed with user-friendly tools to simplify communications between your team and your customers. CarDog lets your salespeople send SMS/MMS text messages, emails, videos, or phone calls from within the app

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