Unleash the Hounds

DL Scanner (Customer Input)

With some automotive car dealership CRM for independents, creating CRM entries takes time away from the customer. CarDog’s mobile CRM allows the independent dealer to create that initial profile on the lot. Therefore, beginning the sale process on the right foot.

Communication (SMS, MMS and Video)

To clarify, keeping accurate records is a must for the independent car dealership. CarDog’s communication tools makes setting up inbound or outbound notifications easy. Set up via email, SMS/MMS text, and also call recording. from the palm of your hand.

Trade Input (VIN Scan)

Quickly beginning the trade appraisal process can make or break a deal. For example, with CarDog’s mobile CRM, car dealers can expedite trade input. Uploading VIN Scan, vehicle data, and also photos to begin the appraisal process is simple and also easy.

Desk Deal (Max Profit)

How do you fine-tune your deals for improved closing rates? Can you also quickly swap credit app data or present figures to potential customers or lenders remotely? Most noteworthy, CarDog’s mobile automotive CRM allows you to work a deal remotely from any location.

Credit Push (All Lenders)

CarDog gives independent dealerships the flexibility to pull credit remotely. Access 700Credit, Route One, Dealertrack, or also CUDL. Users can likewise push directly to lenders. Access print pre-filled paperwork to help maintain, speed and accuracy.

DMS Push (Most DMS's)

How are you currently expediting deals to through the DMS? Finally, the days of accessing several systems to push a deal through are done. CarDog’s mobile auto dealer CRM saves sales members and most importantly customers time. This helps to close deals faster.

Task Automation (Auto-Pilots)

Customize workflow through CarDog’s automation, therefore improving communication with customers. Set up automated alerts that create lead awareness and intensity. These alerts are created via your mobile device, email, and also on-screen desktop alerts.

Reports (On Demand)

Our car dealer CRM is packed with customized reporting tools. First, the activity manager overview (AMO) provides a snapshot of reports that are important to you. Second, customer activity can be accessed from any location. Finally, daily workflow activity is simplified.

Appraisal (Market Analysis)

Improve customer service, expedite trade-in data and also the appraisal process with CarDog. Real-time trade VIN decoding, photo upload, moreover accessing CARFAX, Autocheck, FirstLook and more for accurate appraisals – while talking to customers on the lot.