How Increased Customer Satisfaction will Reduce Your Expenses

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Can increasing your customer satisfaction reduce your expenses? Yes! It may not be immediately apparent how it will, and it won’t happen instantly, but savvy businessmen know that happy customers pay dividends in any number of ways. Reducing your operating expenses is just one of these ways.

Company Representatives

These are the people who interact with your customers every day. They are your front line troops in the battle to woo customers and make sales. You want them to have the proper training, the best tools, and the best attitude possible when they engage your customers. They need to know that management ‘has their back’, will treat them with respect, and will take the ‘long view’ towards customer care. Do these things for your representatives will take pride in themselves and your company — and customers will see this.

Customers who see representatives who take pride in themselves and your company quickly realize that their satisfaction is also important to the company. Since all customers want to be satisfied, this will make them more interested in working with you, and also easier for you to work with them.


Customers who are easier to work with, and want to work with you, make it easier for your reps to give them a good experience. They’ll be more actively engaged, eager to dialogue, and develop a sense of identification, belonging, and trust in your brand because of the value you place on them. This, more than anything else, will build brand loyalty — the first step in turning customers into your brand advocates.

Over time, your customers will develop dynamic, layered relationships with ‘their’ representatives and your company. Their loyalty will increase, and they will become more active in referring other customers to you, and more vocal in expressing their positive opinions about your company and brand. They will actively advocate for your brand in ways that your marketing department can never hope to match.

At this point, the positive benefits to your bottom line will be realized. Not only will your established customers be comfortable with your operation and your people, but they will bring more customers to you. As brand advocates, they will cost you less to maintain them as regular clients, lowering your overhead. The increased customer base that comes from their referrals isn’t to be ignored, either.

All this begins with giving your reps the best tools and the best training possible. In the small and mid-sized auto dealership space, there’s no better tool than CarDog. It’s a mobile-optimized CRM that works the way your reps and customers work —on their smartphones— and so much more! With CarDog, you have easy, intuitive access to a full-featured CRM that seamlessly integrates with target marketing campaigns, analytics, inventory, and contact management right in the palm of your hand.

When you’re ready to take your dealership to the next level of function and profits, contact us and see just what CarDog can do for you!

How Increased Customer Satisfaction Will Reduce Your Expenses

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