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Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM

First and foremost, CarDog was created for the independent car dealership. It has also been engineered for the automotive professional who demands streamlined efficiency. CarDog is an affordable automotive independent car dealership CRM management solution. It also features website, inventory control, lead generation, and texting capability. CarDog is likewise a cloud-based CRM service that is completely scalable and packaged in several, cost-efficient route based packages. CarDog is easy to use and robust, that can also be accessed through multiple mobile or desktop devices at any time and from any location.

First and foremost a busy dealership has no time to mess around with outdated technology. Today’s modern dealership places a premium on using practical resources to improve sales conversions and also increase efficiency. For those who navigate the daily tasks of running a dealership and consequently search for affordable solutions, the CarDog automotive independent car dealership CRM was crafted for you.

Powered by the automotive CRM guru’s at DealerPeak, CarDog is the first automotive CRM that also integrates mobile technology. We’ve created a complete, robust, and also scalable customer relationship management platform specifically for the small to medium-sized independent car dealer. CarDog is easy to use, simple to navigate, and also most importantly from any mobile device.

Engineered for You and Also Your Dealership Team

Arguably the biggest issue with any CRM is getting team members to buy into using it daily. Since most sales and business professionals depend on their mobile devices for almost everything, the CarDog automotive independent car dealership CRM was created with full mobile access from the start. The CarDog dealership CRM is built for speed, efficiency, and likewise scalability. Each tool within the CarDog platform features roles-based architecture, making it simple for sales, finance, and also customer service specialists to use. Finally CarDog is backed by exceptional support from a team of automotive and CRM experts who first and foremost speak your language.

Robust and Likewise Powerful Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM Software

The CarDog mobile platform is much more than a simple Customer Relationship Management service, it’s certainly a game changer. Another benefit of CarDog are the additional tools you can add such as websites, advanced desking, service scheduling, and more. This automotive independent car dealership CRM also connects to the power of your dealer management software and consequently takes it to a whole new level.

Simple and Scalable Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM

CarDog takes old school wisdom and also makes it mobile. Everyone in your dealership will likewise appreciate the simplicity of the complete CarDog platform. The non-intimidating dashboard and display screens are simple to navigate, on desktop, laptop, tablets, and also your mobile device. As your dealership grows and your CRM needs expand, you’ve got the flexibility to expand CarDog, and likewise on a scalable level. Even more powerful tools and access can be added when you need to grow. Finally each CarDog service is backed and supported by a team ready to help you.

Global And Also Localized View

This automotive independent car dealership CRM allows dealerships with multiple locations a global view. Another benefit of CarDog is that users can manage each location and even departments from the CarDog CRM. This feature saves you time, money, and therefore improves operational efficiency. Users can also create reporting and communication functions by location, departments, and also customer type. Flexibility is the name of the game and CarDog finally takes you there.

Communicate – Sell – Automate – Report – Market

Communicating with vendors, customers, and also team members is simple with CarDog’s automotive independent car dealership CRM. This customer relationship management system is filled with easy to access and also configure communication tools. From sending text messages, video and photos, to telephony services, mobile phone recording and also recall; CarDog accelerates dealership communication to light speed. Therefore using CarDog simply makes sense.

Automotive CRM with Robust Sales Tools

CarDog’s automotive independent dealer CRM was developed to improve sales efficiency so independent car dealerships can close deals quicker. The sales process begins with collecting data, from scanning the driver license, to creating customer profiles, scanning VIN tags, trade in data input, and also more. Another feature is that users can upload and download stored documents from a mobile device, to improve customer service and expedite the sales process.

Automate Workflow, Sales, Notification & Communication

Automation is the key to dealership efficiency. The CarDog car dealership CRM puts the power of automation in the palm of your hand. Create custom workflow, sales automation, and likewise communication alerts from any location and any device. This mobile automotive CRM platform permits dealerships to creating action-based alarms and notifications for each department or automated mobile notifications.

Automotive CRM Mobile Accessible Reporting Features

Car dealerships rely on accurate reporting to fine-tune their operations. CarDog CRM can be configured to generate automated reports on customer relationships, payroll, sales, financing, and also overhead dealership expenses. The CarDog activity manager overview (AMO) gives managers a configurable snapshot of reports.

Marketing Campaign Management

CarDog’s mobile automotive dealership CRM makes marketing simple. Identify the right demographic, create multiple marketing campaigns, execute, and also fine-tune marketing campaigns from the palm of your hand. The mobile accessibility of CarDog arms car dealers with powerful tools so they can finally customize marketing campaigns for maximum impact. Most noteworthy is the ability to use CarDog from anywhere, and at anytime.

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Website + CRM + Apraze

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Website + CRM + Desk 2.0

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CRM + Website + Apraze + Desk 2.0

A Robust and also COMPLETE CRM Solution

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