Do’s and Don’t to CRM Implementation

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So you’ve decided to implement a customer relationship management system (CRM) for your dealership, but where do you begin? Incorporating new techniques can be intimidating but extremely rewarding once established. In most cases, you will look back to wonder how you functioned prior to the change! By integrating these tips into your plan, you will be creating a solid foundation for your business to grow and increase satisfaction for your clients.

As with any new process implementation, rushing it can lead to a dead end. This can happen if CRM integration is treated as a one-off task. One common shortfall is having one person in the dealership concentrate all of their efforts on the CRM technology, but not budgeting to train the entire team. As a result, one professional becomes solely responsible for the CRM project and implementation across the entire dealership team becomes nearly impossible. A shortcut mentality will inevitably lead to failure when the goal is to adopt the CRM system in its entirety, fully harnessing the benefits of the platform.

Effectively Implementing a CRM

To mitigate the chance of failure and to greatly improve the likelihood of success, we’ve outlined the steps necessary for effectively implementing a new CRM system.

Outline Your Goals

Before introducing the software to your dealership team, you must outline your goals for a clear and concise vision of your business. You can achieve this by defining clear, measurable CRM goals to keep track of and achieve an early return on investment, such as client retention, a goal number of customer leads, and productivity reports. This outline serves as a quick reference guide, simplifying the adoption process by your team members.

Build a Business Process

Once these goals are identified, you need to gather CRM project professionals. It will be ideal for each team member to have senior-level business support in which to facilitate the progress of your CRM model.

As a team, review your data and business processes to assess where the system can be personalized to your unique brand. Then, develop a training plan that engages users, ensures easy adoption of the process, as well as continued use of the platform.

Following these steps, your framework is established for evolving your CRM to connect all teams and their systems to a single client platform. Then, enjoy the benefits of streamlining every application from the comfort of your devices.

The results you can expect from this stepwise approach to your professionally implemented CRM system are immediate and rewarding. You, your team, and your business will benefit from higher quality leads, reduced customer churn, and improved sales success with a methodology that supports growth.

Additionally, you will find you have designed and produced a personalized and sustainable CRM system that simultaneously fits your processes and inspires users. The improvement in communication and business insight results from connecting all teams and key systems to a single, shared platform.

CarDog is a CRM system that was created as a fully-loaded platform that helps your dealership perform better — consistently and sustainably. It will escalate your lead conversion, enrich the customer experience, and maximize client loyalty. These factors, along with a reduction in sales and marketing expenses, ultimately drive your sales growth. With a mobile-centric design that also allows for easy communication between your staff and with clients, CarDog works to give time for your sales team to do other things — like sell cars!

Its old school wisdom made mobile – it’s CarDog.

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