What Does CRM Success Look Like?

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CarDog Independent Car Dealership CRM is packed with user-friendly tools to simplify communications between your team and your customers. CarDog lets your salespeople send SMS/MMS text messages, emails, videos, or phone calls from within the app itself. CarDog has the capability to allow you to record and review messages in any format and set up lead campaigns based on the contents of those messages, using keywords you select.

Automate your own messaging blasts based on those keywords and use the time saved making more sales to increase your productivity and profitability–the best measure of success!

Success with CarDog looks like creating customer profiles in the palm of your hand that flows into the rest of the system to help you close deals faster. CarDog helps your team stay ahead of the competition by not only creating customer profiles by scanning driver’s licenses but also lets your salespeople pull inventory, pull credit, begin creating deals and print the paperwork from their smartphones or any other device.

Success with CarDog looks like automating your daily tasks and marketing tools to create automated marketing campaigns targeting specific customers. CarDog’s ability to access and manage campaign analytics on the fly and set alerts for those campaigns speeds up your responses to customer actions. Your team will stay ahead of the competition and always be on top of their game with CarDog in the palm of their hand.

Success with CarDog looks like mobile access in real-time to your ongoing marketing campaigns. You won’t waste time with underperforming campaigns because CarDog lets you make adjustments based on reports that you generate within the app itself. And, for those of you who still need that touch of old-school paper, you can print those reports with a few simple gestures.

Success with CarDog CRM looks like mobile-based marketing campaigns with all the tools you need available on your phone (or tablet, or desktop), anywhere, anytime. It’s Old Wisdom Made Mobile–it’s CarDog!

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