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The DealerPeak Evolution

DealerPeak, LLC launched in 1999, with the primary objective to support the rapid expansion of an automotive franchise with 17 locations. What began as an enterprise level website that captured sales leads, led to the development of an Internet Lead Management (ILM) system to manage those leads. Eventually, DealerPeak evolved into a revolutionary automotive CRM provider for both enterprise and independent car dealerships.

Most noteworthy, our passion for developing an automotive independent car dealership CRM is only surpassed by one thing.  That is definitely our dedication to providing even more by way of superior customer service. DealerPeak first and foremost, prides itself on providing 100% transparency. Not only from the cost of each service, but also to assisting customers navigate services and solutions – the DealerPeak team is always honest and upfront.  After all, your time is definitely precious. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, DealerPeak provides proprietary services to multiple automotive-based industries and car dealerships across the globe.

About CarDog – Mobile Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM

Also created by the automotive CRM experts from DealerPeak LLC, CarDog is a mobile automotive independent car dealership CRM. Altogether, CarDog helps the independently owned car dealership to better utilize their time, so they can focus on driving sales. In fact, a robust CRM, coupled with cloud based access, CarDog solutions can help manage nearly every aspect of a busy car dealership. All in all, everyday tasks like customer sales, communication, website management, inventory control, sales leads, and also SMS texting are made simple with CarDog.

Ultimately, CarDog is a cloud based CRM built for the purpose of simplifying day to day required activities. Another key point is that consumers can purchase it in many different cost efficient packages.  As a result, therefore users can navigate CarDog at their speed and comfort level. In fact, the CarDog platform is accessible through mobile smartphone and tablet devices, as well as desktop computers.  Because of this, users can access their customers any time, anywhere, quickly. To sum up, this CRM system helps the small to medium sized dealership first and foremost. But above all, it’s great for anyone with also needs a robust automotive CRM.

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