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CarDog – A Mobile First Automotive Car Dealership CRM Software

CarDog is a mobile first automotive car dealership CRM software solution. It helps the independently owned car dealership and hard working sales professional better utilize time, so they can focus on driving sales. CarDog solutions can help manage nearly every aspect of a busy car dealership. Everyday tasks like customer sales, communication, website management, inventory control, sales leads, and also SMS texting is made simple with CarDog.

CarDog is a cloud-based CRM built for the purpose of simplifying day to day dealership daily activities. It is scalable, customizable to fit your personal taste, sales volume, and also more. It is a user-friendly automotive CRM that permits people to navigate CarDog at their speed and comfort level. In fact, the CarDog platform is accessible through mobile smartphone and tablet devices, as well as desktop computers.

Car Sales Made Simple

The modern car dealership has more competition than ever before. With the rise of online car-buying programs, driving traffic to dealerships and closing sales opportunities is becoming increasingly difficult. To help time-strapped independent dealerships and multitasking sales professional better utilize their resources, CarDog is the solution.

Communicating with customers, vendors and also team members are made easier with CarDog’s CRM. This customer relationship management system contains multiple tools, that also streamlines communication, improves sales conversion, and automate workflow. Whether you need to send text messages, automated phone calls, access video messaging, or contact sales leads – CarDog simplifies your car dealership’s communication and sales platforms, so you can focus on growth.

DealerPeak, LLC debuted in 1999, with a primary task to support a 17-location automotive franchise that was rapidly expanding. What started with developing an enterprise-level website that capture sales leads, expanded to developing a robust Internet Lead Management (ILM) system to manage leads. Eventually, DealerPeak grew into the proactive and forward-thinking automotive CRM provider for independent and enterprise-level car dealerships.

Without question, our passion for designing and developing automotive independent car dealership CRM platforms is only eclipsed by our dedication to superior customer service. First and foremost, DealerPeak is a 100 percent transparent company. From being on standby for our customers with award-winning support, to the easy to understand pricing for services, DealerPeak is at the forefront of this industry. DealerPeak’s office is in Phoenix, AZ and continues to expand service offerings daily.


About CarDog – Mobile Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM

The latest evolution for DealerPeak is CarDog, a mobile CRM for the independent car dealer. Altogether, CarDog helps the multitasking independent car dealer manage their time and accelerate the car sales process.

In fact, this easy-to-navigate automotive CRM contains cloud-based technology. This unique feature allows users to access all apps and services remotely – and manage their dealerships from the power of their palm. All in all, daily duties such as car sales, customer and employee communication, inventory control, website management, and sales leads are more efficient.

Ultimately, CarDog simplifies daily duties. Additionally, it is a user-friendly system, that is accessible from a desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone. CarDog is also scalable, allowing car dealers to expand the suite of services as they become more profitable.

To sum up, this independent car dealership CRM system helps the up and coming or small to a medium-sized dealer first and foremost. But above all, it is beneficial to anyone that must streamline their daily duties to stay competitive.

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