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What are ‘The 5 M’s’?

Market – Merchandise – Maximize – Measure – Maintain

Simply put, they are the 5 words that best describe ‘Old School Wisdom’.

How do they affect the automotive industry?

Today’s automotive industry is filled with chaos from multiple technology vendors such as marketing, website, inventory and lead management, desk negotiations, trade appraisals, and many more, all of which are trying to help manage ‘the 5 M’s’.  The inability to manage all areas from a single system requires the use of multiple logins across multiple technology platforms, that many times do not communicate with each other, causing massive inefficiencies.

What is ‘Old School Wisdom’?

‘Old School Wisdom’ dictates that since the beginning of retail selling, one must first market to the desired customer, merchandise the product, maximize each opportunity, measure the results, and maintain the relationship.

How can CarDog help?

CarDog can help by taking ‘Old School Wisdom’ mobile.  CarDog provides a cloud based mobile first CRM and marketing solution that resolves the need for having multiple vendors, allowing dealerships to be managed from one simple, mobile, easy to use platform.  Being able to do all of the things necessary from a single cloud based mobile first system allows for more time to focus on what’s important – selling. CarDog does that by providing an uncomplicated way to follow ‘the 5 M’s’ via the following features:

Market to the customer

Merchandise the product

Maximize the opportunity

Measure the results

Maintain the relationship

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