Ways to Improve Your Cars Fuel Economy

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Who doesn’t want better fuel economy? These few simple tips and tricks will boost your mileage, raise your fuel economy, and save you money.

Keep your tires properly inflated. Underinflated tires can increase wear and decrease the life of the tires (which is bad enough), but can also decrease your mileage! Driving with your tires at the proper inflation can increase your mileage by as much as 3.3%. If you’re an average-to-heavy driver, the few dollars you’ll pay for a tire gauge can be recovered in just a few weeks.

Make sure your car is running well. Skipping tune-ups and recommended maintenance on your vehicle is a false economy that can cause disastrously large repair bills. Regular tune-ups can also save you money at the pump — a tune-up just by itself can give your mileage a 4% boost. An oil change by itself can improve your economy by 1-2%, and a new air filter can be good for another 10%. Finally, finding and replacing some parts during a standard tune-up inspection can yield large benefits — fixing a broken oxygen sensor can potentially boost your mileage by 40%.

Even something as simple as using the correct gas for your vehicle can result in big savings. Check your owner’s manual for the type of fuel your vehicle is designed to burn — if it only needs Regular, why spend all that extra for Premium?

Practice safe, sensible driving both around town and on the highway. Not only will you make the roads safer for all of us, but you’ll cut down on trips to the gas station. Aggressive driving lowers your in-town mileage by roughly 5%, and as much as 33% on the highway. Take the lead out of your shoe and follow the speed limits — you’ll save more for every 5 mph you slow down. Whenever possible, avoid rush hour or any other stop-and-go driving times. Idling, whether you’re sitting in traffic or not, uses ¼ to ½ gallon of fuel per hour, and that’s the fuel that’s not being used to move you around.

So, with a few simple things, you can greatly increase your mileage and have more to spend on other things. Happy motoring!

Ways to Improve Your Cars Fuel Economy

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