The Savior Tool for Your Business

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Is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program really the savior your business needs? It could very well be. BUT —and this is important— by itself, no CRM program can be the “savior tool” for your business. No program will ever replace good customer service. That being said, an easy-to-use, highly functional CRM program like CarDog can help your business grow, expand, and rise to the next level. That’s why CRM is regarded as an essential business strategy for those who want to be successful in today’s hypercompetitive market.

What can you expect from an effective CRM program like CarDog?

First of all, improving your customer relationships with CarDog’s intuitive, mobile-optimized tools can increase your lead conversion by 300%. Once you’ve converted those leads into customers, CarDog can help keep them as customers by improving your retention rates by as much as 27%. Good CRM helps customers feel appreciated because of the closer interactions between them and your team, so they’ll feel more appreciated. This may increase your overall customer satisfaction by as much as 74%!

As impressive as these numbers are, are they really that significant? Most business owners and managers would say “yes”, then immediately ask “how much did it cost?”. It’s a reasonable thing to ask because if the marketing budget had to increase 1000% to make those gains, it’s probably not an effective ROI. With an effective CRM, though, those gains in lead conversion, retention rates, and satisfaction are accompanied by a DECREASE in sales and marketing costs by approximately 23%! Yes, you read that correctly. Sales & marketing spending goes down, while the other factors increase.

But, customer satisfaction doesn’t directly keep the lights on. That’s why it’s important to know what a good CRM program does for the bottom line.

Effective CRM decreases the sales cycle time by as much as 24% and increases overall revenue by up to 41% per salesperson. This all ultimately translates into an increase in profit margins by 2% — and that number may just be what makes CarDog’s mobile-optimized CRM a miracle for your independent auto dealership.

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