Key CRM Stats to Know

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Business is all about the numbers. Do you have enough customers? Are you making enough sales? Is your profit margin appropriate? Most importantly, are you making enough profit to justify continuing to operate the business?

Like everything else about your business, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program comes down to the numbers. While no CRM by itself can make your business —that’s ultimately still up to you— not using a good CRM program, or not having one at all, puts you at a significant disadvantage in today’s high-intensity market.

When managers begin looking at CRMs, the major factor they consider is the ease of use, for obvious reasons. If a program is too difficult to use, it won’t be used. That’s why 65% of respondents to one survey rated ease of use as a major factor in choosing a CRM program. Other factors, while important, didn’t rank nearly as high. Slightly more than a quarter (27%) rated an integrated schedule manager as most important, while only 18% felt that being able to make data snapshots was their main concern.

That’s why CarDog was developed to be intuitive and easy to learn to use. But, because these other factors are important to how well it helps your business, CarDog is rich in features that your business needs.

A CRM program in an investment on which you can reasonably expect a return. An effective CRM program typically gives a significant return on investment (ROI) with an increase in customer satisfaction of 74%. Labor costs typically go down by 40% when a CRM program is fully implemented, with a corresponding increase in productivity of 50%. Perhaps most importantly, sales quotas go up by 65% — a significant boost by any measure.

CRMs also greatly enhance the customer experience, as evidenced by an increase in customer retention of up to 27% and an increase in lead conversions of up to 300%.

Mobile CRMs like CarDog convey their own unique advantages to businesses. Mobile CRMs can boost your overall sales by up to 87%, and that means more profit. So why aren’t you already using CarDog to grow your business, make your customers happier, and boost your profits? CarDog’s mobile-designed, cross-platform CRM puts all the tools you need in the palm of your hand. It’s Old Wisdom Made Mobile — it’s CarDog!

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