Car Buying Tips

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When purchasing a car, following some simple —yet effective— tips can ensure a positive shopping experience. Whether this is your first or your tenth vehicle, we’ve come up with a strategy for you to follow. After all, shopper’s remorse is a real buzzkill. Happy hunting!

The Credit Union Auto Loan Advantage

The first conversation you want to have before purchasing a vehicle is the one between yourself and your lender. Be knowledgeable and aware of the funds available to you. Whether it’s your savings account, revenue from a trade-in, or some birthday money you’ve saved up, make sure you have a thorough chat with your preferred bank. This relationship can save you from spending too much money over time on interest.

Consider seeking a partnership with a credit union.

Credit unions are highly customer-oriented and the most likely source of a loan during tough times. They value commitment to their community and you are their priority.

Because credit unions exist to serve you, you will avoid being the recipient of high-pressure sales tactics. Cheers to dodging that unnecessary discomfort!

Most importantly, in comparison to commercial banks, credit unions offer competitive rates and better terms for your loan.

Be sure to secure pre-approved financing with your credit union before shopping.

Tips for Auto-Shopping

Ok, now that you’ve determined your cash flow allowance and have been pre-approved for your loan, you can prep for the search. Start browsing to find your next whip!

Often, the time of year of your purchase can produce a better deal.

Arguably most important, it is best that you don’t accept a salesperson’s first offer. In the spirit of this, prepare yourself to walk away — even if you think you’ve found your dream car! The strength in walking away can be bolstered by confidence and research. By being familiar with features you’d like, you can develop an idea of where to begin negotiations.

As a result, with just a bit of appropriate planning and research, you can avoid buyer’s remorse and establish a professional relationship with a dealer you trust. You will fully appreciate your new ride when following these guidelines to a successful purchase.

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