Elevate Your CarDog Solutions

Technical Support With Dealership Experience

The CarDog support team is comprised of technical guru’s that have extensive car dealership experience. Our practical car dealership knowledge, combined with our technical expertise allows us to provide real-world solutions that are easy to follow and comprehend. We hire the best in the industry, who will help you get the best ROI on your CarDog solutions. 

Maximize Your ROI

Looking to get the best bang for your CarDog buck? Our support team will help you navigate all the tools, features, and reporting functions that allow you to get the best bang for your buck.

Friendly Support Team

The CarDog support team is friendly, relaxed, and understands the ebb and flow of daily dealership activities. We listen to our clients, fine-tune our solutions to improve user function and enjoy what we do.

Robust Solutions

We developed this automotive car dealership CRM for independents and the car sales professional looking for a competitive advantage. Our support solutions range from CRM to Marketing, Desking to Websites.

CRM Coaching

Get help with detailed CRM function and operational questions and learn how to maximize your new car sales tool.

Inventory Management

Let our support team help you navigate our inventory control tools, from setting up new profiles, uploading photos and more.

Desking Support

Receive easy to follow answers on our desking solutions including best practices, tricks and tips, and how to resolve technical issues.

Marketing Strategies

Learn how to use our powerful marketing and lead management tools, strategies for maximizing your marketing dollars and more.

Website Support

Our technical wizards can provide answers to CarDog website questions, content management tools, SEO strategies, and more.

Solutions Coaching

CarDog offers individual and team coaching for all of our solutions. Take your success to the next level with customized and hands-on training.

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Dedicated to Superior Customer Service

There are several good car dealer CRM software solutions on the market. And we know you have multiple choices to consider. The support team at CarDog takes pride in the fact that we’ve earned a reputation for surpassing the expectations of each customer we serve. Our team operates ethically, with a focus on transparency and always delivering value with each service offering. If you have any questions or concerns about CarDog Solutions, we are here to help. 

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