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Communicating with customers, vendors and also team members are made easier with CarDog’s CRM. Our customer relationship management system is filled with multiple tools, that also streamlines communication. Whether it’s sending text messages, automated phone calls, video messaging, or likewise contacting sales leads – CarDog simplifies your car dealership’s communication platforms, so you can focus on growth.


CarDog's CRM expedites texting / SMS communication.


Communicate Faster with Customers & Sales Team

The CarDog CRM can be configured to send automatic text/SMS messages to your sales team, customers, and also vendors.

CarDog CRM MMS-Video


Bi-directional Mobile Video & Photo Sharing


Easy, Effective, Efficient, Expedient

Direct device-to-device photos and also video allow for instant communication with the customer of vehicle details.

CarDog CRM Telephony


Mobile Call Recording & Organization

Built In VOIP Phone

Proof and Protection for All Phone Calls 

Manage efficiency and effectiveness of all phone calls, so you’ll have the ability to review them for details and also accuracy.

CarDog CRM Lead Manager

Lead Management

Collects & Organizes Sales Lead Opportunities

Receive and Answer Leads

Quicker Collection of Sales Leads

CarDog allows the sales team to collect & catalog all inbound leads, providing improved follow-up and also conversion.

CarDog simplifies dealership communication and is accessible from desktop and also mobile devices – anywhere and anytime.


First and foremost, the sales process begins with data collection. CarDog’s mobile CRM simplifies data collection, from scanning a driver license, to uploading VIN numbers remotely. Inventory control, uploading trade information, desking, and also printing sales documents can be completed with CarDog. All from your mobile device, from any location and at any time.

CarDog CRM Customer Managerment


Collect Customer Information in Seconds

Data Collection

Scan Driver License

Obtain accurate customer information from the palm of your hand and also without a computer.

CarDog CRM Inventory Management


Remotely Add a Vehicle of Interest

Inventory Listings

Mobile VIN Scan

Instantly add a customer’s vehicle of interest from the point of sale, likewise from your mobile device.

CarDog CRM Trade In


Add a Customer Trade Instantly

Trade Input

VIN Scan & Photos

Real-time trade VIN decoding and photo upload while talking to customers.

CarDog CRM Desking Tool

Desk Tool

One-Click, Single-Screen Desk Access

Quick Payment

Desk – EZ View

Creates increased efficiency, productivity, profitability, and accuracy – accessed from mobile devices.

CarDog CRM CRM Forms


Print Your Paperwork in Seconds

Form Access

Document Printing

Finally, upload and print pre-filled paperwork to help maintain, speed and accuracy.

Improve customer service, expedite the sales process, and also save money with CarDog Mobile CRM.


Automation at car dealerships increases office, sales, and also customer relationship efficiency. Likewise, managing and accessing your critical systems via mobile platforms is a game changer. The CarDog mobile automotive dealership CRM allows you to customize automation at your speed. Activity Workflow and Autopilot Setup can be easily configured to match your comfort level.

CarDog CRM Workflow Automation

Activity Workflow

Customizable workflow, communication, and sales automation.

Automate Processes

Activity Workflow – Autopilot Setup

Customize your own workflow through automation, that will improve communication with your customers and also prospects.

CarDog CRM Notifications


Automated mobile notifications, and action-based alarms.

Get Notified on Activity

Always know what is going on.

Set up notifications that create lead intensity and awareness via your mobile device, email, and also on-screen alerts.

From Mobile Text Notifications to Customized Desktop Alerts – CarDog’s Automation is Simple to Configure.


Car dealerships depend on accurate and simplified reporting to manage their businesses. Reporting sales, customer input, and also payroll is simplified with CarDog. This car dealer CRM offers customized reporting that can also be configured to your taste. The activity manager overview (AMO) provides a snapshot of reports that are important to you. Finally, customer activity can be accessed from any location – anytime via our mobile platform.

CarDog CRM Activity Manager


Finally, what’s most important, at a glance.

Activity Manager Overview

Customized AMO Reporting

One screen to monitor the efficiency of your showroom, also virtual traffic, as well as appointments.

Customer Profile

Know the history of your customer.

Get Notified on Activity

Customer Reporting at a Glance

All detailed customer activity in a centralized location while configuring for easy reference and also improved access.

Create Customized Reporting Solution, Accessible from Anywhere and Anytime – Because Your Time Matters.


First and foremost, marketing is all about building campaigns that are targeted to the right consumer. Due to changes in technology, finding efficient methods of designing, identifying, executing, and also monitoring a marketing campaign is easier with CarDog. This mobile accessible auto CRM provides flexibility in managing effective marketing campaigns. The best part is, you can review marketing campaign performance while operating remotely.

CarDog CRM Marketing Center


Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Design Marketing Campaigns

CarDog mobile automotive CRM can be used to design marketing campaigns that consequently drives website and also dealership traffic.

CarDog CRM Data Mining


Direct Marketing to Targeted Demographics

Target the Right Customers

Identifying the right customers in the demographic area and also targeting them correctly, therefore, improves opportunities for sales.

CarDog CRM Inventory Management


Execute Campaigns with Flexibility

Choose when to launch

Executing a marketing campaign through a mobile-accessible CRM reduces payroll and also resources while providing improved conversion rates.

CarDog CRM Marketing Results


Remote Access to Reporting Metrics

Monitor campaign results

Whether you’re at a sales meeting, or on the lot, our mobile automotive CRM permits you to review metrics, ROI, and also customized reports – on the fly.

CarDog was first and foremost developed to improve access to important automotive sales programs. This customer relationship management system for dealerships is filled with tools that simplify the day-to-day operations of running a car dealership. CarDog services are robust, customizable, and also supported by a team of experts – ready to help you. Contact us today to learn how CarDog can accelerate your dealership’s sales.

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