How to Please Even the Most Challenging Customer

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Some people are just never satisfied, and your job as a car salesperson is to do just the opposite. When the customer becomes difficult, it is easy as a salesperson to become frustrated and weak in negotiating. This makes it very hard to stay motivated and focused on the task at hand, pleasing the customer.

It is important as the one representing your company to remain positive and in control. In order to continue working with difficult people or situations, which unfortunately will never go away, a strategy must be developed. Below are a few suggestions for people management skills in order to succeed as an auto sales professional.

Sales Platform

Offering a platform to organize and assist your customers is one way to lessen the stress of both them and the salesperson. A CRM software can effectively and smoothly help guide and maintain your car buyers.

CarDog, a CRM system, makes everyday tasks like customer sales, communication, website management, inventory control, and sales leads simple and easy to manage. Buyers can quickly begin a trade-in value appraisal, access and print pre-filled paperwork, and more right from their phones. This is something that helps get the client in and out the door in less time and with fewer complications.


In the saying, the customer is always right, it doesn’t mean they are actually right. This is the proper or nice way of saying, treat your customers as if they are right. This is not easy, but should always be remembered even when you know that they are off base.

The more you listen and engage with what they are expressing, the more they will respect what you are saying as well. It is vital to let your customers talk and never speak over them, building trust and empathy between yourself and the buyer.

Imagine an audience

A way to remain calm and in charge of the interaction between the customer and the sales professional is to imagine other customers in the room. When doing this, you become aware of the behavior and tone you are demonstrating. After all, you wouldn’t want to be seen as angry or unprofessional around coworkers and other customers.

Imagining an audience easily shifts the emotional dynamic for the salesperson, therefore helping the customer relax, too. To remain grounded and in work mode, this is a nice tool to keep in your mind when a customer is becoming hard to handle.

Business, not personal

The most important thing to remember in dealing with an unsatisfied consumer in the auto business, or in any industry; it’s just business, not personal. If the salesperson feels they are being attacked on a personal level, it will completely move them away from the issue that is present. As a professional, you must be the one to stay firm and stick to the facts.

The greatest strategy for a salesperson is ultimately knowing how to handle others and one’s own emotions. Customers are just people, and if you can understand them on that level, you have a great chance at keeping everyone happy and sealing the deal.

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