What Perks Can CarDog’s CRM Bring to Your Car Business?

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Selling cars ultimately comes down to your customers. The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to buy. Not surprisingly, having a system that helps you keep those customers happy can only help your sales. So why use CarDog’s CRM?

A CRM —Customer Relationship Management— system helps your business manage all of your relationships and interactions with old customers and potential new customers. The goal of any CRM is to improve those relationships, resulting in happier customers. This improves customer retention and customer loyalty and ultimately drives sales growth.

CarDog’s integrated CRM lets you streamline and automate your customer interactions like no other automotive CRM system available. Built from the ground up for mobile, but designed to seamlessly integrate with tablets and desktops, CarDog lets you work from anywhere. As long as you have cell service or WiFi, you have all of CarDog’s advanced features at your fingertips. You can keep up to date with any promotions or new leads, adjust ongoing promotions and complete any scheduled tasks from your desk, the lot, or any other location.

CarDog’s simple, intuitive automation lets you “set it and forget it” for those repetitive tasks that have to be done but would otherwise eat large amounts of your time. Automating or creating shortcuts for these tasks saves time spent on them, leaving you more time to do other things — like sell more cars. Again, because CarDog was designed for mobile, you can do this anywhere you happen to be, as easily as you can sitting at your desk.

Because you have all of your customer’s information in the palm of your hand, CarDog helps you transform your customer service and lift it to the next level. You’ll be able to deliver a more personalized experience that will increase the customer’s engagement with you, and that will build their trust and give you higher sales.

CarDog’s “everything in one place” approach to customer information lets you access the data you have easily and quickly. You can identify trends, mine for new leads, and spot issues or problems before they can grow out of control. You’ll also be able to track productivity and see what’s working and what’s not — and then change it on the fly with a few quick taps to get the maximum benefit.

Finally, CarDog will simplify the way you conduct your business throughout the day by reducing paperwork and the stress associated with all it. You’ll have more time to sell more cars, not fill out, file, call, or any of the other things that fill up your day.

And ultimately, that’s the biggest perk CarDog’s CRM can bring to your car business.

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